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I didn’t like empanadas when I first tried them in Belize. Very disappointing. Just rice and meat wrapped in leaves. What was all the fuss about? People have empanadas on special occasions? They run out of the house when they hear the empanada seller calling? Never. It turns out I wasn’t eating real empanadas. I wasn’t even eating fake empanadas. I was actually eating tamales.

Tamales, empanadas… Now I know true empanadas and they arrive in a pizza box right to the door, whenever you want them. Fat, hot pockets of dough filled with spicy meat, egg and onion; chicken with peppers; corn with white sauce; Roquefort and ham; basil and tomato and cheese.

The lifelong love affair with filled savoury snacks began with Findus Crispy Pancakes as a child and developed into this ravenous love of empanadas in Argentina. I do still really miss Ginster’s Spicy Chicken Slice but I’ll miss empanadas even more should I ever leave here – and that’s saying something.