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While I’m staring up at the wooden beams sloping high into the ceiling and thinking about cats ready to jump through the open window and land on my face, I am trying not to stare and I am trying not to think. I feel the humidity slump over my skin as the rain falls after days of sunshine. I am too aware. I hear the rain fall in gloops outside the window and can’t stop thinking how the earth smells of Germolene*.I can’t let go of thought.

I am transported to the jungle in Guatemala and into the tiny wooden hut within the heat and the wet earth and the sound of frogs and bugs. Where I’m floating in the middle of the river petrified of biting fish and weeds but at the same time beautifully calm and completely in the moment.

The evening settles around me and without knowing it I slip away from my thoughts. I am grateful to be in the moment on my mat as the water-soaked air pushes through the open windows. I breathe, breathe, breathe. The cat is gone. Memories of Guatemala are gone. All the noise settles into the thick, syrupy drip of rain.

Trying not to think about the river

*Germolene: hot-pink coloured antiseptic ointment with a distinctive smell, for all those non-Brits out there.