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9am. Sun again, but not your average sun. Heat hangs damp and heavy over the house and the temperature sensation reaches 40 degrees-plus as the day limps on. The air conditioner valiantly whirs out slightly cooler air but we’ve abandoned the back rooms where its effort doesn’t reach. Only the cat dares set foot in the dining room. He sleeps full-stretch on the table, dreaming of chasing pigeons on tropical beaches under a bright white sun. The kitchen is an oven but I can’t face opening the door to cook anything in it.

9pm and we’re not moving much. I’m sipping lukewarm Torrontés, dreaming of snow and wondering if it will ever be cool again. And with a click and a disappointed “brrrrr”, the air conditioner turns off. Along with all the fans, and the lights; power cut. Is this a power-saving measure enforced by Edenor, or a fault? We don’t know but we go out, passing up the opportunity to sit in badly air conditioned restaurants or, God forbid, outside in favour of sweetly chilled Carlitos with its fine lomitos.

The power has returned when we get back, but the gloriousness of air conditioning lasts only until the next evening when the power whirs to a stop again. This time the cut lasts 15 hours, but this time we are saved from baking by the rain. We’re sitting in the dark with our delivery of empanadas when we hear the wind whipping up outside. We spend the next hour sitting on the porch, drinking in the smell of wet earth, watching the sky flash white with lightening and showering in the cold spray.

9am and it’s glorious outside. A slick, clean 23 degrees and the sky is blue. I’m feeling productive again, lightened and sparkling new. The temperature will rise again, and the power will fall, but for now we’re cool.