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Working from home I half notice, half forget about the holidays in Argentina. Sure, the road is quieter and the shops are mostly shut but everyone I work for is working, and so am I. The only real difference is Mario gets to stay home instead of heading outside the house to work.

So the news that we have a record number of holidays in 2012 is largely wasted on me, although good news for a large percentage of the population.

As La Nación told us last year, one out of every three days in 2012 will be a holiday. For every two days we have to go to work, we have one for fun. How can this be? According to La Nación’s maths, there are 17 national public holidays in 2012. When you include regular weekends and an increased number of long weekends, the number of non-work days rises to 121 – one third of a year. Only September is a bleak month, when the regular Monday to Friday schedule holds firm and there are no holiday Mondays, or Tuesdays.

I checked for the UK and it turns out there are only nine public holidays in 2012. And I think the US has 10. Sorry.

Party every three days! Or, alternatively, keep working, do the decorating, catch up on the housework...