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Here’s what I discovered last night: making ñoquis is no walk in the park. These seemingly innocuous little pieces of potato are hardcore.

Ñoqui-making is not for the faint of heart. I should have realised this – anything you have to knead and roll out spells trouble. Earlier in the evening the guy at the store round the corner had offered us ñoqui-in-a-bag mix, which may have been a better choice considering it took until past midnight before we had them on our plates, thus missing the point of ñoquis del 29. Admittedly I did start the production process a little late but still, I’m not sure a mid-week meal should take upwards of two hours to prepare and serve.

I ended up with flour everywhere and ñoqui mix stuck to my hands and I didn’t know how to make the little markings with a fork so they ended up a bit like squashed beetles.

However, those basil and sweet potato ñoquis did taste good. I put a generous slug of Malbec in the sauce and the result was satisfying. We forgot to put money under the plates, although because we didn’t eat on the 29th it probably wouldn’t have brought us luck anyway. Next time I’m making them in advance and freezing them.

Courtesy of Delia Smith, who probably knows how to make noquis