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Autumn. Or spring?

So in England it’s the first day of summer? I am always forgetting what month it is here and what season we’re in. It takes me minutes to remember March, and then I have to check again to make sure.

The air is spiky and cool in the mornings, but I feel the coming of summer at the same time as autumn puts its chill in the air. I’m thinking about my birthday as the leaves turn crispier and brown, but my birthday’s in November. I saw some costumes in the window of a party store and thought that’s right, it’ll be Halloween soon. But it’s March.

The blazing blue sky alongside the dipping temperatures makes me unsure which season we are in. Easter is coming. But is Easter in the spring or the autumn?

We are decorating and painting and cleaning, and I’m in a spring-like mood. So I am heading for summer in my mind with the weather of autumn, my favourite season. Because then you get the best of both worlds. The idea is to embrace new spring-like ideas, budding creativity and growing inspiration while the air is tangy with bonfire smoke, the leaves glow on the trees and it’s cosier inside. SpringFall is here and WinSum is on the way. Embrace every season, whenever it comes.

Spring. Or it could be fall