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UPDATE Sept 2014: Unfortunately it seems that Buenos Aires Life Centre is no more. Stay tuned to the blog for a review of classes at Buena Onda Yoga….

I take some stretching classes here with a Castellano-speaking teacher and I can understand what I need in order to get a good workout, but my mind is half on what my body is doing and half on the language. The class makes for an effective Spanish lesson but with yoga I don’t want to be distracted by tenses, vocabulary and verbs. I need to focus on the breath, the warmth in my muscles, the bend in my back; anything but spoken words. There are a few places in downtown Buenos Aires for yoga in English and for the last few weeks I’ve been going to Buenos Aires Life Centre. This cosy place offers group yoga classes as well as massage, reiki, nutrition counselling and a number of wellness workshops.

Located on French (nearest Subte station Aguero), Buenos Aires Life Centre is in a regular apartment block so choose the buzzer with care out of the rows available. And don’t worry when it seems like you’re lost in domesticity on floor five – the centre is at the end of a dark corridor distinguished from the other apartments by a sign on the door.

It’s a long trip from the west and there are many yoga centres more conveniently located for me but I think it’s worth it. The teachers are warm, knowledgeable and enthusiastic. And until I’m fluent, yoga in English works for me. The practice is what matters, the act of putting aside the day’s preoccupations (which often include the struggles with language) and removing barriers. I’m focusing on my Castellano and I’m focusing on my yoga – just not at the same time.

Buenos Aires Life Centre
French 2647, #5E

Looking forward to yoga outside…