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I realise I risk the wrath of family and friends in England who have been suffering under cloud and rain for much of the summer but I want to post a few pictures from winter in Argentina. And winter in Buenos Aires means one thing – blue sky. OK, we get rain here too. We also get cloudy days and even a little fog and mist (not much, mind). But for days on end the sky can be clear and blue, which is astounding for a person like me who grew up associating winter with overcast weather.

A few clouds over Puerto Madero

I love the crisp winter days with an azure sky, the sun low and weak and the light sending silver shadows across the garden. It seems like we have more birds but the truth is we can just see more of them; fat pigeons resting in the fine web of bare grey branches.

Blue sky through the branches

And when September and October bring an end to winter, springtime is a blue sky spectacular. Spring brings the bonus of warm air to take the edge off the chill, while the temperatures are not yet hitting the often uncomfortable heights of summer (I’m from England – I don’t think I’ll ever get used to 40° summers). Blue skies are here again, and again…

Balloons over Puerto Madero