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We’re in autumn now, traditionally time for me to reorganise, plan, and find new inspiration out of golden leaves and skies turning dark blue in the early evenings. Call it the “back to school” effect; new stationery and pencil cases, different lessons and schedules. Never mind that everyone went back to school several months ago and it’s April here. I can’t escape the effect a seasonal change has on my outlook. Months on the calendar are less relevant. So, we’re in autumn and I’m reviewing my determinations.

Peace cranesWrite your determinations on the paper before folding your crane

My determinations are words enclosed within the origami cranes I made at New Year. Peace cranes created from gold and taupe patterns, a shine of silver. My sister’s idea, something she does every year. Determinations are not New Year’s resolutions (I will lose 10 pounds, I will stop biting my nails etc) but are positive thoughts, intentions or considerations; “determinations” for a life lived more fully. I like to write them in the positive present, even if the ideas are only manifesting themselves in my mind right now. Perhaps… “I am a loving, generous partner”, or “my work inspires me”.

You write your determinations on the blank side of the origami paper square then make the tiny folds so you end up with your crane enfolding and looking after your words. You can open up the cranes and fold them back during the year if you want a visual reminder of your determinations. Or leave the cranes as they are, with words that don’t need to be read but are working away in your life because you have internalized them and let them in.