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A new arrival in the West

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here and written anything but my disorganization and lack of time are caused by something beautiful. In May we welcomed the arrival of our first son, adorable baby Gabriel.

Looking back, it seems like I was pregnant for the longest time but Gabriel’s first month has just flown by. Everyone tells you how much your life will change, and how you won’t be able to imagine such a change until it happens. It’s completely true. The change is difficult to process because it’s not only the practicalities that are shaken up – the sleep, the extinct lie-ins, the sleep…. – but your whole concept of how to deal with these practicalities. Life turns itself inside out and you’re suddenly living as new people, with a new life to care for, encourage and celebrate.

Change at times brings chaos, uncertainty and worry (broken sleep and gassy-baby challenges haven’t been a breeze to handle) but this particular change means a more complete – and complex – life. So many extra layers of meaning have been blanketed around us. We are fascinated and enchanted (although sometimes bleary eyed) as we watch our new life emerge.

And besides, all life is change, right? Thinking back to May and June in 2009 when I’d left London and started my round-the-world trip by working in Belize, I never would have imagined four years later holding our baby in my arms, here in Argentina. Here’s to all the wonderful changes to come. Welcome, baby!