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As a Brit I am honour-bound to talk about the weather at any given opportunity. Which is why this blog probably has more posts about the weather than anything else. Before I moved to Argentina I had no idea what winter weather was like in Buenos Aires. All I knew was winter arrived at the opposite end of the year and didn’t coincide with Christmas anymore.

Winter – roughly July to September in Argentina – is difficult to pin down. If you’re coming to Buenos Aires in winter do you pack a full-length coat, scarf and hat? Or a t-shirt and sandals? Pack them all and you won’t go wrong.

Winter sunset in Tigre

Winter sunset in Tigre

Chau frio, llega el calorcito

Monday, for example, the temperature was below freezing in the morning and didn’t rise much above 10 degrees during the day. Yesterday was blue-sky bright but still with low temperatures and a fair amount of wind. The heater was on all day and extra blankets on the bed. Today, however, the day started cold but 24 degrees are expected this afternoon. It’s going to be 25 or 26 degrees until Monday. Turn off the heater, turn on the fans. Change baby from winter clothes to shorts.

Here’s what you need to know about winter in Buenos Aires:

What’s the weather like?

  • The temperature in August has an average low of 8 degrees C and an average high of 18 degrees C. But we’ve already seen lows of 1 and highs of 25, so don’t pay attention to the averages.
  • Days are normally sunny with blue skies.
  • It’s hardly ever so cold during the day that you feel uncomfortable.
  • Heavy rain and thunderstorms are not uncommon in the winter. As in the summer, they usually arrive at night after a few days of warm weather.
  • It’s weird walking past palm trees in a coat and scarf.
Blue-sky thinking in winter

Blue-sky thinking in winter

Ola polar

Winter weather isn’t simply described as cold by the weather forecasters; this is an ola polar (polar wave) and the news media talks about it near-constantly. If it ever snowed in Buenos Aires there wouldn’t be any other news for a week.

While the British are rightly credited for an obsession with the weather it seems Argentines – in the media, at least – could give them a run for their money.

Winter weather in Parque Leloir

Winter weather in Parque Leloir