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Due to an unplanned pregnancy we recently became grandparents to seven little bundles of joy. Because this event brought the grand total of animals in the house to 10 (and there are only three of us humans, one of whom is a four-month-old baby) we needed to find new homes for the magnificent seven. But how?

Cachorritos en Adopción

Once the puppies were old enough to leave their mum a simple ad and a sign saying Cachorritos en Adopción (puppies for adoption) was the best start. RedMascotera.com is a portal in Argentina for lost and found dogs and cats, and pets looking for new homes. We posted a free ad on the site and were encouraged when, just 20 minutes later, we already had two people interested in the dogs. Cachorrito Hembra 2 lateralMy favourite puppy

My husband took the car to the local Esso service station with the dogs climbing all over the back seat, so the dog lovers could pick their favourites. My best dog, a fluffy, chunky, black-and-white-and-brown female, went first. The second lady picked her puppy because he was shy and hiding under the seat. The third puppy found a home when the sign in the back window of the car caught the attention of a young girl walking past, who persuaded her mother that they needed a dog.

The fourth puppy to leave was actually the most popular and had been reserved by a lady who loved her curly hair and flame of white fur on her face. Puppy number 5 went the furthest, to a house near San Isidro.

Puppies in Buenos AiresBA’s next top puppy

Argentina: Nation of dog lovers?

It pleased me how quickly the dogs were snapped up and how happy the people were with their new puppies. But perhaps it shouldn’t have come as too much of a surprise – just about everyone likes dogs here in Argentina (cats are not so popular.) The new dog owners thanked us as if we were doing them a huge favor by giving them a puppy – we didn’t let on how relieved we were every time one more dog was rehoused, or that we would probably drive two hours or more to get the dogs to a new home.

Buenos Aires dogs

Then there was one…

Giving puppies away to people that want them is a genuinely joyful experience. Everyone’s smiling, puppy’s wagging his tail- this is a glowing moment you don’t get very often in the big city. One new owner sent us pictures on Facebook of their new puppy playing with the kids, snoozing in a comfy bed, and posing with his vaccination certificate.

Puppy in BAPuppy number six: reunited with puppy number one

My husband took the sixth puppy to Haedo this afternoon. The lady had already adopted the cutest puppy and decided she had to have another one, so the all-black dog left us. Which leaves one doggy left to be adopted.

So, come on – anyone got space for a friendly, bouncy black and white pup with a good attitude, no particular breed, raised in a bilingual household in west BA?

Argentina dogsAwww, who can resist?