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Our baby is a big reader. OK, so he’s only 10 months old and he doesn’t so much read as eagerly turn the pages of board books, commenting on the pictures in his own distinctive language. But he loves books. I’m lucky we have a good supply of books in English from my husband’s previous work as a teacher in the US. But it’s nice to have something new in English to supplement the Spanish kids titles, and I have never been able to resist a bookstore of any description.

Buenos Aires is a literary city but it is difficult to find any books in English here, especially at a decent price. Kids books in English are not cheap. However, seek and ye shall find….


You will find some classic stories in English at Yenny, the chain bookstore located in practically every mall in the city, but there’s not a whole lot to choose from.

If you want a bigger selection, head to Kel Ediciones, the English-language booksellers who’ve been in operation for over 25 years. Kel has branches in Barrio Norte, Belgrano, Caballito, DOT Baires Shopping etc and provides a comprehensive selection of new picture books, board books, big books and teen reads. You can also buy online. A copy of Meg and Mog – a personal favourite of mine – will set you back $100 pesos (probably a lot more if you read this post is a week’s time…)


You’ll find a much cosier and more interesting browsing experience at Walrus Books, an excellent English-language bookstore in San Telmo. The under-the-stairs children’s section has a carpet and cushions to sit on, with a selection of soft toys thrown in. Walrus Books has both secondhand and new books, with prices from $60 upwards.

Walrus BooksChildren’s section at Walrus Books

Also more personable than the chain bookstores, Entre Libros offers new and used books (including kids titles) in English and Spanish. They can also order books for you from abroad. The Santa Fe branch is inside a gallery, down the stairs.

Any other places you can recommend?



Kel’s Ediciones
Martinez (Main Branch)
Emilio Frers 2228 – (1640) Martinez

Walrus Books
Estados Unidos 617

Entre Libros
Av. Santa Fe 2450 – Local 5 / 7 – Subsuelo
Av. Cabildo 2280 – Loc. 80/81 1º Piso