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Do you know where the peanut capital of Argentina is? According to the jar of “La Campiña” I have safely stowed in my cupboard, it is Hernando, Córdoba. Hernando is around 100km from the city of Córdoba itself. I’ve driven through it, and it’s a non-descript little place that is entirely forgettable. Non-descript aside from the fact that it is the peanut capital of Argentina, and it produces this beauty of a jar of peanut butter which we picked up on the shelves of an ordinary supermarket in Monte Buey.


OK, so what’s all the fuss about? For a start, the jar cost just $23 pesos. A jar of peanut butter – imported – on the shelves of Jumbo cost around twice that 2 years ago. Now, if it is even available in Jumbo, the price will be around $100 pesos. (Guessing. Let me know….) You can also find peanut butter in Barrio Chino, but it’salso expensive. Plus, “La Campiña” tastes just like peanut butter should – overly sticky, overpoweringly peanutty, and deliciously sweet. We stocked up.

So if you want peanut butter in Argentina, go to Córdoba. It’s a bit of a drive. Only you can judge whether it’s worth it.