My journey

In 2009, after a year of exploring Latin America on my own, I met my now-husband in Buenos Aires. We settled to the west of Buenos Aires, in a high-ceilinged house with a bouncy dog, a cat with an attitude, and a garden full of hummingbirds.

Two beautiful babies later, and we’re back in the UK, living in Suffolk and loving Argentina from afar.

These are my notes on small town life on the edge of Buenos Aires and small town life in East Anglia. My personal perspective as an outsider getting closer to the inside. Notes on life as a writer, translation, life in a new language; life as an explorer in a land of poetry and wine, complexities and contradictions, crazy city life and complete peace.

7 thoughts on “My journey”

  1. Michelle Sprague said:

    Congratulations on your marriage Louise. I have enjoyed reading your blog! What is your work schedule like these days?? Michelle Sprague

  2. Hi Michelle, thank you! I just sent you an email re work. Louise

  3. Hi! What a lovely blog you have! I also re-located to Buenos Aires for love (my bf is Porteño through & through), and over the last 2 1/2 years here, I’ve grown to love the city despite its many strikes, FX restrictions, etc because it is so rich in history & culture. So glad to meet someone else who uprooted from her home country and has settled in this amazing country!


    • Hi Felicia, thank you for your nice comments about my blog 🙂 It’s good to hear your story and its similarities to mine. I hope you continue to enjoy living here in Argentina – it’s hard to be away from your home country but there are so many advantages that make it worth it.
      I took a look at your blog and it’s great – lots of delicious food inspiration!

      • Good morning Louise!

        Thanks for your comments about my blog too! completely resonate with you about how its hard to be away from home but some things make it completely worth it.

        Have a great Monday to start off the week! take care!


  4. Where do you live exactly? It sounds lovely! I am originally from England as well, and have been living in BA since April (also in a fairly serious relationship with an Argentine). I love it but the city drives me crazy at times, especially now with all this heat! Am always looking for different, more rural places near the city to explore at weekends, so if you know of any that aren’t touristy (unlike Tigre) please pass them on! Muchas gracias 🙂

    • How cool that you found my blog – a fellow British expat! I live in a place called Ituzaingo which is about 30 mins on the freeway to the west of capital city. It is suburban and there is still a lot of traffic so it’s not exactly peaceful, but not as intense as the city. This heat is really getting to me too – the powercuts in particular 😦 There are some leafy residential neighbourhoods around here that are nice to explore, like Parque LeLoir and Hurlingham. Plus, did you go to Temaiken, the wildlife centre?

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